English Lab

How to Learn Grammar!

Grammar is an aspect of language about which learners have different opinions. Some learners are very interested in finding out or learning grammar rules and doing lots of grammar exercises. Others hate grammar and think it is the most boring part of learning a new language. Whatever opinion you have, however, you cannot escape from grammar; it is in every sentence you read or write, speak or hear.

So you cannot escape from grammar, but the key question here is: what is the best way to learn grammar?

  • Be aware of grammar.
  • Read a lot of English books.
  • Concentrate on the aspects of grammar you personally find most difficult.

How to Learn Vocabulary!

The best ways to learn vocabulary:

  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Study words in context.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Make up as many associations and connections as possible.
  • Use memory tricks.